How to block PhoneP, Google Pay and Paytm if the phone is stolen?

Nowadays, most of the people in India are using online payment method, online payment is a very easy way to make payment, there is no stress of keeping any change, no asking anyone openly. , and most importantly, people don’t need to carry wallet or cash all the time, you just need to have your phone with you and UPI ID active, then people With its help you can make the required payment. Online payment.

Today we are going to talk about, if your phone ever gets stolen, and you run online payment apps like PhonePay, Paytm and Google Pay, or UPI based online payments. If you use any method, the biggest fear after losing your phone is that your phone may be misused, because your phone contains information about your bank account, debit card and credit card. Then if you use your phone with services like Pay, Google Pay and Paytm. Online payment method. Block If you want to do it, how to do it, today we have brought complete details about it.

How to Block PhonePay UPI ID

How to block PhoneP Google Pay and Paytm if the

How to Block UPI ID on PhonePay- If your phone gets stolen, first block your UPI ID. After the above complaint, then asking for OTP, you have to select the SIM card and phone stolen option, after that you will be asked to talk to a customer care advisor, then you will be asked something about that UPI ID. Information will be asked, such as last payment information, transaction value, email address and your phone number will be collected, after collecting the information your UPI ID will be blocked.

How to Block Paytm UPI ID

How to block PhoneP Google Pay and Paytm if the

How to Block Paytm UPI ID– If you want to get your Paytm UPIID band, first you need to call Paytm bank helpline number 01204456456, after that you need to select lost phone option , then you have to enter your register number there, after that you have to select logout from all devices, then go to Paytm official website and select 24×7 help option, then scroll down And click on Report a Fraud and tell the reason for blocking your ID, then the problem is closed. Select and click on the Message Us button, after which the user will be asked to verify the account with a debit card and once Paytm verifies all your information, your account will be closed.

How to Block Google Pay UPI ID

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How to Block Google Pay UPI ID- If you want to block your Google Pay UPI ID then you have to follow our mentioned method, the easiest way to block his UPI ID is first you call this number 18004190157 from another phone. , the customer care advisor then needs to provide the information to block their Google Pay UPIID, then the Android user has to log in to Google Fund My device on any PC or phone. Done, after that you will have all the Google Pay information. To fill it, your Google Pay will then be temporarily blocked, if you are an iOS user, delete all data using Find My Apps and other tools, then your Google PayID will be blocked.

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