How Much Tripti Dimri Charged For Animal Movie?

Tripathi Dumri Fees for Animal Film: Apart from Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol’s scenes in the movie Animal, actress Tripathi Dumri is also being talked about a lot.

Tripathi, who has worked in films like Bulbul and Kaala, may have played a small role in Animal, but she has received a good amount of fees for the Sandeep Reddy Wanga film.

Tripti Winter Face for Animal Film

How Much Tripti Dimri Charged For Animal Movie?

Animal movie has created a storm at the box office. This movie has broken all the records of movies. Everyone is praising the acting of stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandana and Bobby Deol.

But among all these main actors, Tripathi Dumri has also played a small role, which is much talked about.

Tripathi Dumri plays the role of Zoya in Animal. The role may be small but Tripathi has handled it very well. The movie Animal has become more interesting because of his acting.

People loved Tripathi Dumri’s chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Animal.

Because of this, Tripathi became a national crush overnight. After Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandana, Tripathi Dumri’s Animal has also revealed the fee.

Tripathi Dumri’s Fee for Animal Movie

How Much Tripti Dimri Charged For Animal Movie?

Tripathi Dumri played the role of Zoya in the movie Animal. Zoya was sent by Bobby Deol as a spy to Ranbir Kapoor but Zoya falls in love with Ranbir and reveals the whole truth.

The movie Animal had some intimate scenes between Ranbir Kapoor and Tripathi Dumri which went viral on the internet.

Tripathi Dumri is often in the news on social media for one reason or another. Now he is in news for the fee charged for Sandeep Reddy Wanga’s film “Animal”.

According to reports, Tripathi charged around Rs 40 lakh for a small role in the film. That’s a lot of money for a small character. However, Tripathi did not talk about her fee in the film.

Tripti Dimri Social Account

Until a few days ago, his number of followers was 2 million which is increasing every day. He currently has 3.7 million followers on Instagram. Tripathi Dumri is currently the most popular star on IMDB.

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