Honda Activa just 20k price cheaper, buy now.

Honda Activa Only 20k: Whenever a person thinks of buying a scooter, the first thought that comes to his mind is to buy a Honda Activa. Because this company has made a place in everyone’s hearts by giving its good performance. Many Honda Activa scooters are available in the Indian market with different models. But the question arises. That this scooter does not come at such a low price that everyone can afford this scooter. So in today’s post we will know how we can bring Honda Activa to our home for just ₹ 22000. More information about Honda Activa is given.

Front view of Honda Activa scooterFront view of Honda Activa scooter
Front view of Honda Activa Scoot

Honda Activa Scooter

Talking about the Honda Activa scooter, the market of this scooter is currently making waves in many places and this scooter is selling in huge quantities. Because this scooter is seen with a great look and features. This scooter comes with many features like Bluetooth connectivity, tachometer, speedometer and smart key. And you can take the Honda Activa scooter home too, you just have to keep a few things in mind.

Currently, the sale of second-hand scooters in the market is also increasing rapidly. In which the company makes good scooters. For example, online websites seem to be selling these scooters at half price. And now you are getting good mileage and function in all these scooters. Due to which the scooter runs comfortably for a long time. If you can’t afford a new scooter, you can easily own a second-hand scooter and you can easily get it for half the price or less after riding it for some time.

Honda Activa Scooter Showroom Price and EMI

Talking about the Honda Activa 6G scooter price, the scooter is priced between Rs 76,234 to Rs 82,734 ex-showroom in the Indian market. And you can bring this scooter home with the lowest EMI plan option too. In which you can make a 36 month installment by making a down payment of ₹ 9000. In this you have to deposit Rs 2,619 per month. And the bank interest rate will be 9.7. And in this the total amount of bank loan will be Rs 81,533.

The Honda Activa scooter created a stir.

Honda Activa Scooter Side View Honda Activa Scooter Side View
Honda Activa Scooter Side View

You can fulfill your dream of buying a scooter made by Honda company in a big way. Companies like OLX and QUIKR keep posting such explosive offers on their websites. In which he sells a great scooter at a very low price. And scooters like Honda Activa 3G are still listed on OLX app and that too at very low prices. And this scooter is registered from Delhi. And the price of this scooter has been set at 22 thousand rupees.

Buy Honda Activa scooter here at cheap prices.

The Honda Activa 3G, 2015 model has also been listed on the QUIKR website where the scooter has been priced at Rs 22,000. No other offers are made by the seller.

Features of Honda Activa Scooter

Front view of Honda Activa scooterFront view of Honda Activa scooter
Front view of Honda Activa Scoot

Honda. After knowing so much about the Activa scooter, let’s see its features. Why is this scooter company making so much noise? You will get to see many new features in this scooter. The company is now seeing many new features in this scooter like smart key, speedometer, odometer, charging slot, large storage, LED headlight, silent start with X5 to 6 color options. Which makes this scooter a great scooter.

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