Google launched its new AI!

What is Google Gemini AI: Every day nowadays Technology industry Due to which some new invention is definitely coming. Technology And things are progressing and the work of humans is becoming easier.

For example, today with the help of internet technology we can do anything sitting at home, whether it is talking to someone 7 seas away from here or eating or shopping in our own home etc. The world’s largest tech company in this era of growing technology Google I made a new one of mine By starting AI has been given

Google has adopted this technology. Google Gemini AI Named. These AIs are similar to other AIs on the Internet. Chat GPT. It is designed to compete with AI and according to Google, this AI is also going to help in solving many human problems. So, through today’s article we What is Google Gemini AI? Read full information about this.

What is Google Gemini AI?What is Google Gemini AI?
What is Google Gemini AI?

What is Google Gemini AI?

Google Gemini AI Google has a new AI that can act like a personal assistant for you, with whom you can share any of your concerns. Google’s AI He will answer you by understanding the problem like a human being.

Google’s AI will compete directly with the Open AI company. Chat GPT. Going to be from, the Google company also claims that their Gemini AI All others are better than your GPTAI. Solving problems Can give you better than them.

It is new from the company. Gemini AILLM i.e. works on lamways module, Google DeepMind The CEO of AI has said about this AI that this AI model is a big step in future AI development, which is going to affect all AI products worldwide.

How to use Google Gemini AI

Now if you Google Gemini AI If you want to use it, let us know you want to use it now. Google Bard Of Official website You have to go, after going here you have to login with your Gmail account.

Official website of Google Bard AI

After logging into the official website of Google Bard, you Google Gemini AI will be able to use it, and will be able to use all the features of this AI. That’s it Google Gemini AI You can find some Nano features in their phones. Google Pixel 8 Pro Can also be used on Google company has launched its AI to be accessible on several platforms.

Google Gemini AI can do a lot.

For your information let us tell you that this new product of Google AI multimodal tool This is how it works, that is, you can get any type of question answered through it. This Google AI is yours. Text, code, image, video And Audio Can easily understand and answer you.

Google claims that their AI is in its early stages. Experts work like humans. This means that this AI will solve your problems just like a human. Even this AI helps you in your studies. IT people logo Also designed to fully support you in coding.

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