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Fixed Deposit Offer: In our country India most people spend their money. FD or Gold Invest in because these two are the most. Good investment option is imagined. In which FD is considered as an investment option in which people like to invest money for long term because in it No more danger It doesn’t happen.

But now Investing in FDs It has become more popular than ever as many banks are currently offering huge amounts on FD investments. Pay good interest And this Interests are over 9%. Even these banks do not give that much interest on their PPF investments, while if we talk about senior citizens, many banks are providing high interest on FDs for them.

In today’s article we will learn about the banks where you Investing in FD will earn you more than 9% interest, And let us know if you can earn good interest on your money.

Fixed Deposit OfferFixed Deposit Offer

Banks give more than 9% interest on FD.

Below we have written about all the banks in which you can invest in FD. Will be able to earn more than 9% interest.

1. Unity Small Finance Bank

In the race to offer the highest interest on FD investments Unity Small Finance Bank are in the forefront. These banks provide you with fixed deposits. 4.50 to 9.50% Provides interest up to If you invest FD for 61 to 90 days as a regular account holder in this bank, you will get Earn 5.50% interest, If you invest from 91 to 164 days. 5.75% interest is available.

Fixed Deposit Offer: More than 9% interest will be available on FD investment in these banks, apply now
Unity Small Finance Bank FD Rate

Unity Small Finance Bank On 1 year FD investment you will get Earn 7.35% interest, Whereas if you invest FD for 1001 days you will get You can earn up to 9% interest. On the other hand, this bank offers 1001 days FD investment to senior citizens. 9.50% interest Which gives highest interest on FD.

day year Interest on FD (for regular account holders)
1001 days Up to 9%
1 year 7.35% per annum
2 years 7.40% per annum
3 years 7.65% per annum
4 years 7.65% per annum
5 years 7.65% per annum
Unity Small Finance Bank FD Rates

2. Suryoday Small Finance Bank

You can invest on FD after Unity Small Finance Bank. Suryoday Small Finance Bank You can earn maximum interest through this. This bank is on FD investment. 4.50 to 9.10% It gives an interest of Rs 10,000 to its account holders. Regular account holders of this bank can avail FD investments of 46 to 90 days. 4.50% interest is available.


91 days to 6 months On KFD Investments 5% interest And on investments up to 1 year 6.85% interest. If you invest 2 to 3 years FD in this bank you will get. Interest of 8.60% is available. If we talk about senior citizens then they should invest on FD for 2 to 3 years. 9.10 percent Earn interest of Rs.

day year Interest on FD (for regular account holders)
1 year 6.85% per annum
2 years 8.50% per annum
3 years 8.60% per annum
4 years 6.75% per annum
5 years 8.25% per annum
Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates

3. Fincare Small Finance Bank

Funcare Small Finance Bank FD also provides you good interest on investment. In this bank you FD 3.00 to 9.11 percent Get interested. This bank offers 91 to 180 days FD investment to its regular account holders. Pays 5.75% interest, Same for 12 to 15 month FD investment. 7.50% interest is available.


These banks offer the highest rate on FD investment of 750 days. 8.51 percent interest Gives its regular account holders, if we talk about senior citizens, they get maximum benefit on investment of 750 days. Interest 9.11% Let’s meet.

day year Interest on FD (for regular account holders)
750 days 8.51% per annum
1 year 7.50% per annum
2 years 8.01% per annum
3 years 8.00% per annum
4 years 7.50% per annum
Fincare Small Finance Bank FD Rates

Apart from these 3 banks Equitas Small Finance Bank 4 to 9 percent Pays interest on fixed deposits up to Rs. Jana Small Finance Bank In which you 3.50 to 9.00 Up to 100% interest is available. Now if you want to invest FD in these banks, definitely get more information about these banks and only then invest your money in them.

Many people have invested in FDs.

For your information let us also mention that according to a research and report about… More than 24 million Indians spent their money. Invested in fixed deposits. And the number of people investing in FD is increasing day by day.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Fixed Deposit Offer

What is Small Finance Bank?

Small Finance Bank is called “Small Finance Bank”. They get a minor banking license from the RBI, which has certain limitations.

What are the FD rates in SBI Bank?

FD rates for regular account holders with SBI Bank range from 3.00 to 7.10%, while for senior citizens it ranges from 3.50 to 7.60%.

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