From this day you will be able to fly to Ayodhya for Darshan of Lord Shri Ram!

Shri Ram Airport: According to reports, the construction work of the grand temple of Lord Shri Ram in the city of Ayodhya, India, is going on vigorously. January 22, 2024 On this day and on this day Prabhu Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be completely ready. Ramji temple Will sit inside.

In such a situation, all the Hindu community of India and people of other religions whose… Lord Shri Ramji Everyone is preparing to go to Ayodhya in the month of January because here Ayodhya city After thousands of years the temple of Lord Shri Ram is going to be ready. Therefore, in such situations, everyone wants to see the Lord’s form here as soon as possible after the construction of the temple.

That’s why here Government of Uttar Pradesh of the city of Ayodhya Shri Ram Airport Construction work was also started. Which is about to be completed now and all those who want to come to Ayodhya by flight can now do so easily. Shri Ram Airport will be able to come to Ayodhya through

Shri Ram AirportShri Ram Airport
Shri Ram Airport

Shri Ram Airport will be fully ready on this day.

Year of Ayodhya Rama Temple Fully ready in 2024 It would be completed but even before it was ready, the Indian government had started planning the development of Ayodhya so that all the people Devotees come here. Those who have come to do so should not face any problem. That is why the Uttar Pradesh government decided to go to Ayodhya before building the temple here. Shri Ram Airport The decision to build it was given the green signal.

So that devotees coming from far off places can easily reach Ayodhya city by air for darshan of Lord Shri Ramji. Let us tell you that this airport has a full name. Marida Parshottam Shri Ram Airport are

Now if Shri Ram Airport Speaking of take-off, the government has set a target to complete it by December 15, ie. By December 15 You will see that this airport is ready.

This will be the shape of the airport.

Talking about the shape of Shri Ram Airport, the shape of this airport Will be quite religious This airport will look like a temple. To develop this airport Countries outside marble were procured from and manufactured by them. Let me tell you that this airport 821 acres of land made in.

Along with this, the runway of this airport has also been completed Flight test are also being done. According to others, this airport is very beautiful and its appearance is also ours. Indian culture shows

Tickets for Shri Ram Airport will be booked as follows.

Once Shri Ram Airport is ready, you can reach here very easily. Air tickets Can book. To book air tickets to Ayodhya city, you can Paytm, Make my trip etc. platform and can Ayodhya city You can book flight tickets.

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