Father used to drive auto-rickshaw, but son became the youngest IAS officer!

Success Story of Ansar Sheikh: In our country India there are many people who belonged to very poor and middle class families but still they made their name and their whole family famous in the whole country with their hard work and dedication. Today we bring you one such. Taking a success story have come, in which the father of a boy was an auto driver.

Also, this boy was from a very poor family, so his family had no money for his education. But still this boy has become the youngest IAS of our country today. Here we are talking Ansar Sheikh Which is the largest in India. Young IAS officer are made.

Ansar Sheikh belonged to a very poor family, but thanks to his hard work, today he is counted among the youth of the country. IAS Officer are made. So in today’s article we Success story of Ansar Sheikh You are going to read about how Ansar became an IAS officer today despite his family’s poor financial condition.

Success story of Ansar SheikhSuccess story of Ansar Sheikh
Success story of Ansar Sheikh

Become an IAS Officer in First Attempt: Ansar Sheikh’s Success Story

One of the toughest exams in our country UPSC Civil Services Exam Millions of kids dream of becoming IAS and IPS after passing, but very few kids clear the exam. Also many coaching institutes UPSC Preparation They also charge huge fees to get it done.

But despite all this Maharashtra Residents of Ansar Sheikh Became an IAS officer in the first attempt. If we talk about the early life of Ansar Sheikh, it is very interesting. Belonged to a poor family His family did not have enough money to give him a proper education. But despite all this Ansar somehow continued his studies with the help of his friends and his part-time income and eventually UPSC Civil Services Exam Passed in first attempt.

Ansar Shaikh in UPSC Civil Services Exam Got 361 rank. Of and only Country at the age of 21 Being the youngest IAS Officer Ban Gaya Let us tell you that Ansar has been preparing for his civil services exam for three years, during which he used to work 12 hours a day.

Father used to drive an autorickshaw.

If we talk about Ansar Sheikh’s family, then his Dad, auto rickshaw only in maharashtra. He used to run it and support his family with what he earned from it. Ansar’s father had three marriages out of which Ansar was married to his second wife. He also has a younger brother and his younger brother in the Ansar family Quit studying and earn money had to start working for

Whole house a lot was struggling with poverty, But still despite these conditions, Ansar continued his hard work and somehow getting education has become one of the best institutes in the country today. Become a young IAS officer. Gone.

Priyanna has become an inspiration for the society.

today Ansar Sheikh He has become an inspiration to the entire country as he cleared one of the toughest exams in India despite the poor conditions in his home. In the first attempt Pass, where some children It takes 2 or 3 tries Only a few children are able to clear the civil services exam to clear this exam.

Ansar is today the youngest person in the country due to his hard work and dedication. He has become an IAS officer. We should learn from them that if our goal is strong, nothing can stop us from achieving it.

Ansar Sheikh success story interview

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