Fake Ram Mandir Prasad was being sold on Amazon, strict action will be taken now, know full details

The Central Authority of India has accused Amazon of fake Ram Mandir Prasad, saying that Amazon engaged in fraudulent business and played with the devotion of Ram devotees. Sweets being sold on Amazon in the name of Shri Ram Mandir Ayodhya Prasad All India Traders have also said that Amazon is misleading traders by selling these sweets as Prasad even before the inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. are doing

Fake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon

Welcome, in today’s article we are going to know complete details about fake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon. NewsX has confirmed that the Central Consumer Protection Authority of India has said that devotees may be affected by such measures, and strict action should be taken against those making such mistakes and false propaganda. So let’s understand how fraudulent businesses are done on Amazon, read this article carefully to avoid any trouble in future.

Fake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon

CCPA has issued a charge against Amazon, where people were selling fake Ram Mandir Prasad sweets on Amazon as Ayodhya Ram Mandir Prasad. The Consumer Protection (e-commerce) rule is that no e-commerce platform can try to do unfair trade and no one can take any money from you by making false promises in the name of service.

CCPA Action on Fake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon

Amazon, in its defense, said it was acting in accordance with its rules, saying some merchants had made false claims and that they were under investigation. The government has asked for strict action against Amazon as it has abused the sentiments of Hindus for commercial gain.

Fake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon

Fake Ram Mandir Prasad There were many products available on Amazon’s platform under the name of Amazon like Ram Mandir Prasad, Shri Ram Mandir Ayodhya Prasad, DC Cow’s Milk Peda and many such products sold in the name of Shri Ramji. There used to be. .

The central authority has stated that such businessmen cheat for their own benefit in which they have a high chance of buying such products. This whole game is of the expert mastermind sales mind behind it all and played with the devotees of Rama.

Consumer Protection Act 2020

According to the Consumer Protection Act 2020, no e-commerce marketplace can spread false or rumour-mongering propaganda, and strict action can be taken against them for doing so.

Fake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on AmazonFake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon

In this article, we have told you in full details how fake Ram Mandir Prasad on Amazon did the job of spreading this rumor and what happened later. We hope you liked this article a lot, and if you have reached the last stage of this article, then like, share and comment this article and also tell your friends, and know the best of such. Be the first. Stay connected with TaazaTime.com for news.

Disclaimer: Passes are currently not available to visit Ayodhya Ram Temple and it is crowded due to many people. So, if you plan to visit Ayodhya Ram Temple, make your plan according to the guidelines issued by your elders and the government.

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