Even those without ears can hear with the help of this device, know full details

WeHear is a private limited company specializing in audio technology products. WeHear’s latest products are their smart headphones. The company claims that its headphones can even make deaf people hear. They are guaranteed to work like artificial ears for people who don’t have ears, just like headphones. WeHear recently raised funds by going to the Shark Tank, with Piyush Banshal investing Rs 2.5 crore. In return, the company has given equity of 1% and advisory equity of 1.5%.

WeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark Tank

Welcome to this article, today we will talk about WeHear Shark Tank, which has raised 2.5 crores in funding, the company has taken a big step with Piyush Bansal, which is very useful for deaf people. Can be proven. Wayhear is a company that has patented three products so far and the founders of this company, Kanishk Patel and Raj Shah came to Shark Tank India Season 3 and introduced their company in a very good way. They have raised funds at a cost of Rs 250 crore.

WeHear Shark Tank India Season 3

Shark Tank India’s YouTube channel released the Season 3 episode on February 2, featuring a company called WeHear. The company was introduced by Kanishk Patel and Raj Sah. This company makes a type of artificial ear, through which deaf people can regain their hearing. And you can buy these artificial headphones for very less money. The company has granted patents on three products. After the WeHear Shark Tank, the company gained further recognition and Piyush Bansal invested Rs 2.5 crore in what could be a revolution for physical ear cleaning.

WeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark Tank

About-WeHear Shark Tank

“WeHear Shark Tank” is a simple audio electronic hardware and film wear development software and mobile development electronics experiment, which launched WeHear OX as well as HearNU. This is a discovery that has not yet happened in this world. This product provides hearing to a person who has been deaf since childhood or has no pierced ears. You will get this product between 70 to 80 thousand rupees, which you can buy by visiting their official website or also from Amazon.

WeHear OX

WeHear OX is a wireless audio device that operates on bone conduction technology. It is very light and comes with a great design, which is very flexible. In this you can use many virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Bixby which are in this device. It is certified with IPX-6 rating which protects against things like water, dust and sweat. It has a long battery life, which can listen to music for up to 8 hours after charging it for 45 minutes. It also gets you Noise Cancellation technology.

WeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark TankWeHear Shark Tank FeatureDescriptionDevice NameWeHear OXTechnology Open Ear, a wireless audio device with bone conduction technology Sound delivery through the cheekbones, ensuring the ears remain open to the environment Flexible virtual assistant Google Compatible with Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Bixby and more, accessible at your fingertips CertificationIPX-6 certification to repel sweat, dust and water splashes, ensuring durability in various environments Battery Enjoy life 8 hours of music and calls- 45 minutes per minute charge Noise canceling technology Dual noise canceling microphones with Qualcomm technology, Surrounding noise Warranty Worry-free 3-year warranty excluded (WeHear OX App 2-year in-box plus 1-year extended warranty upon registration via) WeHear Shark Tank

YouTube videoYouTube video
WeHear Shark Tank

We hope you have understood all the information given about WeHear Shark Tank. In this article, I have talked about 3 patented products of this company, which can change the lives of deaf people. and can improve their lives. . If you have reached the last stage of this article, then like, share and comment this article and also tell your friends, and stay connected with TaazaTime.com to know such great news.

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