E-SPIRNTO Rapo, everything is spread out in front of this powerful scooter, range 100 km

E-Sprinto Reports This is a great electric scooter, which comes at a budget friendly scooter price. The market price of this scooter is Rs 63,999. If you too are thinking of buying a new cheap scooter then this post is going to be for you. In this post E-Sprinto Reports All information about



E-Sprinto This scooter is an electric scooter and it has been launched by the e-Sprinto company in the Indian market. And you get to see a lot of features in this electric scooter and this scooter can run up to 100 km once fully charged. This scooter is available in only one variant but this scooter comes with a very stunning design in this variant and you get to see different color options.

E-SPIRNTO Rapo Ex-Showroom Price in India

E-SPRINTO-RAPO Ex-showroom price in IndiaE-SPRINTO-RAPO Ex-showroom price in India

Talking about the price of this printer repo, this electric scooter is priced at Rs. 63,999 ex-showroom price. And you can also buy this scooter with the lowest EMI plan option, in which you can make a down payment of ₹ 7000 and make installments over 36 months. In this you will have to deposit Rs 1,911 per month and the interest rate will be 9.7 percent of the bank and the total loan amount will be Rs 59,487.

Price Details
Motorcycle model e-Sprint Rap STD
On-road price Rs 66,487
Leverage Rs 7,000
Total loan amount Rs 59,487
Bank interest rate 9.7%
Loan Tenure (months) 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60
Total amount payable Rs 68,796
Additional amount paid Rs 9,309
EMI per month Rs 1,911
EMI Plan

E-Sprinto Repo Design

E-Sprinto Repo DesignE-Sprinto Repo Design

If we look at the design of this Sprinto Repo, this scooter comes with a simple and good design. In which you get only one variant. And in this scooter you get to see 5 stylish color options – Black, Red, Grey, Blue and White. And in this scooter you get to see an eye and two headlights at the front which gives the scooter a unique look.


Talking about the e-sprinto repo feature, you get to see good features in this electric scooter. Such as remote lock, unlock, engine kill switch, parking mode and USB charging, besides this scooter is built with many features like digital color display.

Feature Description
Start button Easy ignition with push start button
Orientation Built-in navigation system for easy route planning
Anti-theft alarm Security feature to prevent theft
Reverse assist Support for smooth and safe reverse maneuvering
Bluetooth connectivity Wireless connectivity for audio and more
USB charging port Easy charging for electronic devices
Digital instrument console Modern and clear display for essential information
Digital speedometer Accurate digital representation of speed
Digital trip meter Tracks the distance traveled on each trip.
Digital odometer Tracks the total distance traveled by the scooter.
All LED lights Energy efficient and bright LED lighting
Low battery indicator Alerts the rider when the battery is running low.
Free storage Additional storage space for personal belongings
Mention it.

E Sprint Engine

To power this Sprinto Repo, a 48V/60V lithium-lead battery is used and along with it, it has an auto-cut charger which means that once the bike is done charging, It automatically stops sending power. And you can travel up to 100 km on a single full charge of this bike.

E-Sprinto Rapo Top Speed

A 250 W BLDC motor is used to propel this Sprinto Repo at high speed and this motor gives this electric bike a top speed of 25 km.

E-Sprinto Rapo suspension and brakes

Suspension duties in this Sprinto repo are handled by telescopic hydraulic suspension at the front and vegetable suspension at the rear. Apart from this, this electric scooter is equipped with tubeless tires and disc brakes.

Rivals of E-Sprint Rap

E Sprint Rapo has a total weight of 90 kg and competes with bikes like Yulu Wynn and Hero Electric Atria in the Indian market.

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