Donkey’s first review is out!

Dinky’s first review: Welcome to another great article from us. In today’s article we will talk about Donkey First Review. (Dunky First Review) going to talk about Ever since Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Dinky was announced, it has been making headlines. The media is presenting some news related to this to us every day. A song from this film has also been released recently. Such news is coming today. Film critics Watched this movie and movie critics appreciated this movie a lot. Let us tell you that this film has lived up to the expectations of the critics.

Many people have given this movie up to 5 stars. This movie is being appreciated by people from all over. This movie at the box office December 22 will be released. We will see many big actors in the film. People are eagerly waiting for this movie. This year, Shah Rukh Khan has given powerful films one after the other at the box office. this year Pathan, teens and now Donkey are giving. Both his films have been loved by the Pathans and the youth.

Dinky first review out

The film is screened especially to film experts and producers before its release. The reason for doing so is very clear. This is done so that the movie can be properly reviewed by film experts before its release. Similarly, before the release of the movie Dinky (Dunky First Review) Showed to the critics. Critics have also reacted to it. It has been praised by many critics. Critics say that it is going to be a great movie and people will remember this movie for centuries.

Dinky first reviewDinky first review
Dinky First Review- Rajkumar Hirani while shooting a scene in the movie

Mukesh Chhabra’s Reaction to Dinky First Review

Mukesh Chhabra He is a well-known casting director of Bollywood. He has casted in many films. He was also involved in the screening of this film. He has also given his reaction after watching the film. Mukesh Chhabra It is said that I liked this movie very much. People will remember this movie even after years of watching it. In this film, we will get to see a better performance of Shahrukh Khan. Along with this, a good story is being presented in a very experimental way.

Confusion over Dinky’s release date

Dinky first review After its arrival, people are talking about it more. Some people are still confused. Watch this movie first December 21 had to be released. According to a report, this film December 22 will be released. On the other hand, some reporters are also claiming that the film… December 22 It will not release on July 25 but the film will release on another date. Some reporters also claim that this film December 25 will be released. However, so far it has been officially said that it will be released on December 22.

YouTube videoYouTube video

Dinky casting

Sting In the film we will get to see a list of great actors. It also has Shahrukh with us. Tapsee Panu And in a special form Vicky Kaushal On the other hand, we will look like powerful actors. Boman Irani. Such artists will also be seen.

Actor the role
Shahrukh Khan Hardyal “Hardy” Singh Dhillon
Tapsee Panu believe
Vicky Kaushal Sukhi
Boman Irani. Gulati
Vikram Kochhar Bagu Lakhan Pal
Anil Grover The dance
Jyoti Subhash Bigo’s grandmother
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Dinky casting

Dirty movie director

This movie was made by one of the best directors of Bollywood. Rajkumar Hirani Directed. Rajkumar Hirani is a famous Bollywood director. He has directed many excellent films. He is known for experimenting in his films. Rajkummar Hirani has been able to present a first-class story to people through his films. People love their stories a lot.

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