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Biography of Karpuri Thakur: There were many political leaders in our country India who are remembered by people even today, because these leaders earned a lot of love among people during their political tenure. Similarly, Karpuri Thakur, the popular politician of Indian politics, is still popular among people and now Karpuri Thakur is also going to be given the Bharat Ratna Award by the Government of India.

Karpuri Thakur was the Chief Minister of Bihar twice and during his tenure people of Bihar called him “Jananayak” because people had never seen a Chief Minister like Karpuri Thakur before. Karpuri Thakur was a very simple-minded and simple-minded politician, who made a home in the hearts of the people.

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Biography of Karpuri ThakurBiography of Karpuri ThakurBiography of Karpuri Thakur

Who Was Karpuri Thakur?: Karpuri Thakur Biography

Karpuri Thakur was a two-time Chief Minister of the Indian state of Bihar, failing to complete his term as Chief Minister on both occasions. He was born on 24 January 1924 in Samastipur, Bihar in a barber family. India was a slave country at the time of Karpuri Thakur’s birth, which is why when Karpuri grew up, he participated in Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation Movement in 1942 to contribute to India’s freedom.

Due to choosing the path of movement, Karpuri Thakur had to go to jail several times during the British rule, but Karpuri was never afraid of these things. Later, in independent India, he contested his first assembly election from Bihar in 1952, which he won and thereafter, Karpuri was always a part of one or the other household throughout his life.

Karpuri Thakur was popular among people for his simplicity, Karpuri ji held many important positions throughout his life, yet he never bought a house or a car for himself. He did not even have any native land and throughout his life Karpuriji always followed the path of truth and honesty.

Real NameCorporation/Occupation Teacher, Freedom Fighter, Politicians for Politicians

He has been the Chief Minister of Bihar twice.

Karpuri Thakurji became the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Bihar in independent India, but he never completed his term as Chief Minister. For the first time, Karpuri Thakur was the Chief Minister of Bihar from December 1970 to June 1971, during which he completed the work of giving reservation to backward castes in government jobs.

Karpuri Thakur became the Chief Minister of Bihar for the second time from June 1977 to April 1979 on behalf of the Janata Party. Karpuri Thakurji boycotted the Congress Party and nepotism throughout his life, which is said to have made many efforts to hurt Karpuriji.

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Karpuri Thakur got many big posts like Chief Minister in his life, but throughout his life he was always simple and straightforward, and always listened to the people. That is why Karpuriji came to be popularly known as “Jananayak”.

Awarded Bharat Ratna.

The entire life of Karpuri Thakur and his political career is very impressive and very brilliant, that’s why this time on 24th January 2024 when Karpuri Thakur’s birth day was being celebrated by people, the Modi government of India has named Karpuri Thakur as Karpuri Thakur. Honored posthumously. Awarded Bharat Ratna.

Let us also tell you that Karpuri Thakurji died of a heart attack on 17th February 1988 and he was 64 years old at that time.

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