CSeed Brings World’s First Foldable TV, Know Full Details

N1 Unfolding TV First Look: C SEED has launched the world’s first folding TV designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this folding TV has the smart features of N1 TV and vivid 4K resolution. This folding TV has taken the TV world by storm as soon as it hit the market, let us tell you that the N1 Unfolding TV first look was launched at CES 2024. If we talk about the display of this folding TV, its size comes in 3 variants.

N1 Unfolding TV First LookN1 Unfolding TV First LookN1 Unfolding TV First Look

Welcome, in today’s article we are going to take a look at the first look of N1 Unfolding TV which is currently the talk of the town on social media. Let us tell you that the N1 Unfolding TV first look features are based on Micro LED technology which is available in three different sizes with 4K resolution. If you want to know about this C SEED N1 TV including price, specifications and more about N1 Unfolding TV First Look, then read this article carefully.

Why is the first look of N1 Unfolding TV so special?

As we have already told you that N1 TV comes with 103 inch, 137 inch or 165 inch, it is based on LED technology. This company promises that its display and picture quality are very good. Let me tell you that it has a folding TV with 180 degree rotating flexible viewing. C SEED N1 TV is designed with a very unique design.

C SEED N1 TV-Display

N1 Unfolding TV First LookN1 Unfolding TV First LookN1 Unfolding TV First Look

A week ago, CNET shared a first look video of the N1 Unfolding TV on its Instagram handle, in which the C SEED N1 TV showed its first glimpse, which got people talking. Let me tell you that C SEED is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with screen sizes ranging from 103 to 165 inches, which can be used to create a cinema-like experience at home.

N1 Unfolding TV First Look Price

As we know C SEED N1 TV is the world’s first foldable TV which is very expensive, it costs $220,000 which is 16,500,000 INR in Indian currency. This N1 Unfolding TV First Look is designed by C SEED’s professional engineering.

Specifications/Features Description Model Name CCES 2024 Screen Technology Micro LED Resolution 4K Screen Size 165 inch, 137 inch, 103 inch Rotation Capability 180 Degree Indoor/Outdoor Displayed in TV Screen View-size design to eliminate visible folds when folded into a semi-frame, stylish aesthetics Installation Easy installation, customizable to different preferences Immersive viewing experience and cinematic changeover time extends to 60 seconds and reaches a panel height of 7.8 feet, silently opening five panels in the next 25 seconds. Burnt Color Automatic Features Fully Automatic Opening, Integrated Audio, Advanced Control System, Adaptive Gap Calibration for Different Viewing Angles Screen Rotation 180 Degree Rotation Capability Folds Carefully Back into Base When Not in Use Takes, resembles a piece of sculpture or luxury furniture. Eliminates the need for complex installation, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience Manufacturing OriginEngineered and developed in AustriaLegacy and representing a decade of expertise from specialist C SEED, known for luxury TVs , including the award-winning C SEED 201 for advanced applications for TV. Indoor, and Marine Applications Company Headquarters Vienna, Austria First Look at N1 Folding TV

N1 Unfolding TV First Review

YouTube videoYouTube video
N1 Unfolding TV First Look

C SEED N1 TV is billed as a TV disruptor unlike any other TV. The N1 TV is a very smooth and stylish, compact, and very impressive performance TV, also known as Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC).

The N1 TV can tilt its screen away from the face and rotate a full 180 degrees, allowing you to view it from every angle. When you’re not using it, it folds back into its base and looks like a fancy piece of furniture that you can comfortably place in any corner of the house.

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