This person made a multi-million company by selling Vada Pao!

goli vada pao success story

Goli Vida Pav Success Story: Today in our country India One of the startups A different wave is going on, most people today have their own. Start want to start and that is the reason why today our country’s economy is developing very fast. You have learned many things from the startup world. Success Stories … Read more

This girl earns crores of rupees by making videos on social media!

manisha rani net worth

Manisha Rani Net Worth: Today many people have become millionaires and millionaires with the help of social media and internet because today internet gives opportunity to everyone to earn money. This The world of social media There are many girls who have used it. Millions of crores of rupees Earned. Today we are going to … Read more

Arvind Swamy’s success story: Left the film industry to set up a Rs 3300 crore company

Arvind Swamy Success Story

Success Story of Arvind Swami: Born on 18 June 1970 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state. He is an Indian film actor and is known for his roles as a television presenter, singer, voice artist and businessman in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Bollywood films. This is the story of an actor who left the best industry … Read more

Father used to drive auto-rickshaw, but son became the youngest IAS officer!

ansar shaikh success story

Success Story of Ansar Sheikh: In our country India there are many people who belonged to very poor and middle class families but still they made their name and their whole family famous in the whole country with their hard work and dedication. Today we bring you one such. Taking a success story have come, … Read more

Rishabh Sharma Scam: The vegetable vendor committed a 21 crore scam!

Rishabh Sharma Scam

Rishabh Sharma Scam: Rishabh Sharma, a 27-year-old youth who appears to the world to be a simple vegetable vendor but is actually the biggest con man hiding behind him. Rishabh Sharma has become the source of a large network of fraudulent activities spread across 10 states in India. According to the report, authorities say that … Read more

The girl left acting and created a company worth Rs 800 crore!


Aashka Goradia’s Success Story: Every year in Bollywood and TV serial industry New actors and actresses Here are just a few Get success Take it. But most people have to do something else. You have done many businesses. Success Stories You must have read that a student built a multi-crore company and someone built a … Read more

Bhanu Chopra’s Success Story: From Struggling in the Startup World to Buying a Rs 127 Crore Home

Bhanu Chopra Success Story

Success Story of Bhanu Chopra: One name is shining brightly in the changing world of travel technology and that is Bhanu Chopra. Bhanu Chopra’s story of understanding a real problem in the travel technology market and turning it into a successful business continues to inspire. Bhanu Chopra is aware of the problems of the travel … Read more

This guy is earning Rs 2 crore per month by selling underwear!

bummer success story

Success Story: Nowadays everyone is thinking of starting their new startup, and that’s why in our country India Start counting are increasing day by day. Another reason for the increase in the number of startups in India is that the current government is very supportive of startups. They also appear on television. Shark Tank India … Read more