Can you really get Ram temple prasad at home, know the whole truth!

Ram Mandir Prasad at Home: A website called KHADI ORGANIC has been in the news on social media for a few days now, they say they will deliver Prasad to your home after the consecration of the Ram Mandir and many similar platforms have promised. That they will distribute Prasad. The founder of Khadi Organic is Ashish who is a professor at North Eastern University, he has clearly stated that Free Ram Mandir Prasad is a social mission, which will provide prasad to the devotees of Ramji. But he says that the free Ram Mandir Prasad will not be given to the Ram Mandir Trust but it will be done by Ashish and his team.

At Ram Mandir Prasad HouseAt Ram Mandir Prasad HouseAt Ram Mandir Prasad House

Welcome, in today’s article we will know whether we will really get free Ram Mandir Prasad or this news is fake. And if indeed Khadi is promised to deliver Organic Ram Mandir Prasad. Tell us how you can get this Ram Mandir Prasad for free, says the company, dedicated to sharing the blessings of the Puran Pratishtha of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. If you want to get this Ram Mandir Prasad for free then read this article carefully.

Ram Mandir Prasad: Really Free Prasad at Home?

As we have already told you that since few days there are talks on social media about distribution of Ram Mandir Prasad for free, but will you really get Prasad at home? Let us tell you, it is said that given All promises are false. As no official announcement has been made by the Ram Mandir Trust. They have stated in their About Khadi Organic page that they have not entered into any agreement with Ram Janmabhoomi.

Ram Mandir Prasad: Be careful!

Vinod Bansal tweeted, “Many advertisements in the name of VIP Darshan and ever home sitting Prasad Ram are trying to mislead and cheat devotees. Many such advertisements are also being seen on websites like Amazon! Society should be wary of them. Shri Rama Tirth has not authorized anyone for these works. Don’t fall under anyone’s torture. These websites should also remove such false advertisements immediately, otherwise we will be forced to take legal action.

At Ram Mandir Prasad HouseAt Ram Mandir Prasad HouseAt Ram Mandir Prasad House

All of you are requested to stay away from such rumors if someone asks you for delivery charge in the name of distributing Ram Mandir Prasad for free.

About Khadi Organic

With the blessings of Pran Pratishtha of the Ayodhya Ram Temple, Khadi Organic will distribute prasad to Ram devotees, however no such announcement has been made by the government or the Ram Temple Trust. To get this Ram Mandir Prasad, first you need to visit and register for free Prasad.

Organic description of Khadi on Free Ram Mandir Prasad

Khadi Organic has clearly written on the home page of its official website that due to some reasons it is not able to handle the distribution of Prasad. This company charged huge delivery charges in the name of prasad and now the option to deliver prasad has been removed. Please stay away from such ads.

At Ram Mandir Prasad HouseAt Ram Mandir Prasad House

Free Ram Mandir Prasad: Cleaning Company

“Dear People, Khadi Organic is very happy and grateful for your support. Due to some unusual reasons the distribution of Prasad is not possible. Please be patient and if you booked with delivery charge to receive the Prasad. done, your money will be credited back to your account soon.”

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