Build a multi-crore company from just ₹2000!

The Story of Biggie’s Burgers: In our country India you will find many types of dishes to eat, because in India Food industry There are huge and many. Food business India earns crores of rupees every month. Similarly, today we bring a story from the Indian food industry in which one person only 100 crore while saving ₹2000 The company is established.

Here we are talking Biggies Burgers Startup Joe An IT industry in the year 2016 I am working Barja Route Started and today this Biggies Burgers A start 100 crore brand has been made. In today’s article you The Story of Biggie’s Burgers We will read how this brand has become a Rs 100 crore company today.

Big burgersBig burgers

This is how the Biggie’s Burger story began.

The year In 2016 Resident of India Barja Route Is Biggies Burgers It was started so that the Indian people Grilled burgers Many types of tests can be enjoyed. Biggie’s Burgers QSR Quick Service Restaurant Chain There are businesses that offer a variety of burgers to their customers on their menu.

Livemint In an interview with Barja Route He said that he ate a burger for the first time in his life at the age of 21 and felt the taste of the burger. As soon as he tasted a burger for the first time in his life, he fell in love with it and started researching it.

Barja Raut did the entire research.

Biggies Burgers Founder Birajah further stated in the interview that when he Research on burgers When he started doing this, he couldn’t find a single restaurant Be an Indian brand. and provides its customers with a variety of burgers, thereby Biggies Burgers It was inspired to start it because at that time people had to go to American brands for different burgers.

by that time Barja Route Worked in an IT company, and had no prior experience running a business. But still he believed in himself. Biggies Burgers decided to open a QSR restaurant chain named

Started with only so much money.

Biraja. He further told in his interview that at that time he only had money to start this business. 20,000 rupees And with only this amount he took the risk and started his business in a small place. Biggies Burgers Opened a small stall named Naam. Shortly after opening the stall, he quit his job and began to devote all his time to his business.

Big burgersBig burgers
Biggies Burger Outlet

Slowly barrage Biggies Burgers The brand became quite famous in the area and thousands of customers started coming to them every day. Also let’s say that Biraja had no knowledge of making burgers etc, he had knowledge of it. Youtube And started selling burgers.

Besides that Biraja. Every month he used to save two thousand rupees from his earnings to scale up this business.

Created a multi-crore company from just 2000 rupees

In the beginning Biraja who used to visit her every month. Used to save ₹2000. Today, thanks to him, he Biggies Burgers The business has become a multi-million dollar business. He went ahead and launched his own brand. Franchise had also started giving and because of that today his There are more than 130 outlets. Also you can buy it in more than 24 cities in India. Biggies Burgers You can taste the burger.

Biggies Burgers According to today’s report, every day… More than 7 million burgers are sold every day, which has led to an increase in revenue for Biggies Burgers this year. Around 100 crores are about to arrive. If we talk about India’s biggest burgers QSR chain, that too today. Biggies Burgers There are only

Biraja Raut believed in himself and took risks, which is why Biraja has reached where he is today. We hope that with the help of this article you The Story of Biggie’s Burgers Information about Share with your friends so they can too The Story of Biggie’s Burgers can get information about

FAQ: The Biggies Burger Story

Who is the founder of Biggies Burgers?

The founder of Biggies Burgers is Biraja Rout.

How much revenue did Biggies Burgers earn in 2023?

According to reports, Biggies Burgers is going to earn over Rs 100 crore in revenue this year.

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