Boycott TMKOC: Will Tarak Mehta’s film Olta Chashma stop now? Find out what is the reason…

Boycott TMKOC.: On social media nowadaysBoycott TMKOC.“The trend. People are very unhappy with the constant changes in the show. Their worries are compounded by the replacement of their favorite characters. Meanwhile, reports of the show going off-air have also started doing the rounds. Now Asit Kumar Modi has broken his silence on the ongoing controversy among the people.

Boycott TMKOC.

Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma One of the most popular and longest running shows on TV. But in the show for some time now Diabeen Fans are disappointed with the lack of Fans are demanding his return.

Meanwhile on social media… Boycott TM KOC It started trending. This raised concerns among fans about the closure of the show.

Now the show’s producer Asit Kumar Modi has reacted to it. He has said that the show will not stop. Regarding the return of Diabeen, he said that soon Diabeen will return to the show.

Boycott on TMKOC What does show producer Asit Kumar Modi have to say?

Boycott TMKOC.Boycott TMKOC.
Boycott TMKOC.

The show’s producer Asit Kumar Modi has said that the show will not be closed. He has said that Diabeen’s character will return to the show.

“I will never lie to my audience,” he said. Just because of certain circumstances we are not able to bring Diabeen’s character back in time, but that doesn’t mean the character won’t come back.

Modi has said that Diabeen’s character will definitely return in the show. However, he did not reveal who will play the role of Diabeen.

Why is this happening? Boycott TMKOC.?

Boycott TMKOC.Boycott TMKOC.
Boycott TMKOC.

Diabeen’s entry in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Olta Chashma’ serial no Due to which the fans have become angry. He started this serial. Boycott TM KOC are starting to do Fans were eager to see Diabeen again in the serial ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Aolta Chashma’. But now she is not visible, so they are angry.

Recently a promo was released showing that Diabeen will be back soon and Jethalal is waiting for her. The fans were very happy about it.

However, when the episode came, the expectations of the fans were dashed. Due to this, people accused Modi of making false promises and boycotted the show.Boycott TM KOC) tried.

A user wrote on Twitter, “People will not forgive.” Another user wrote, Shame on you sir.

Diabeen has been absent from the show for 6 years.

Boycott TMKOC.Boycott TMKOC.
Boycott TMKOC.

Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma Disha Vakani played the role of Diabeen. She took a leave of absence from the show in 2017 when she became pregnant, but has not returned.

Since then viewers have been waiting for Diabeen’s comeback. Asit Modi, the producer of the show, says that it is not easy to choose a new actress for Diabeen. Playing the role of Disha will be a challenge for any actress. So, they are looking for a brilliant actor who can do justice to the role.

Disha Vakani has created a special place in the hearts of the audience with her acting, witty dialogue and garba dance. The viewers of this TV show are waiting for the return of their beloved ‘Diyabean’ i.e. actress Disha Vakani. Disha took a break after the birth of her child and is yet to return to the show.

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