Book Metro Tickets via WhatsApp Now!

Metro Rides via WhatsApp: If you’re from a metro city, you probably are Using the Metro It may be doing so for travel or transportation. The biggest problem faced by the people of metro city is that they Metro Ticket Book To do this one has to stand in long lines.

But that will not be the case now as the government has introduced a new way of booking metro tickets in most metro cities, in which you Metro ride via WhatsApp. will be able to. This means you can only Through WhatsApp You will be able to book metro tickets very easily.

So in today’s article we will tell you. Metro ride via WhatsApp. will provide information in which you will learn how to ride metro by booking metro tickets easily through WhatsApp.

Metro ride via WhatsApp.Metro ride via WhatsApp.
Metro ride via WhatsApp.

This is what metro rides will be like via WhatsApp!

Many metro cities like – Delhi, Maharashtra etc Metro Rail Corporation Is Ticket booking through WhatsApp This facility is given to the public, so that people do not face any problem in booking metro tickets and people can easily book metro tickets through their WhatsApp.

if you Metro via WhatsApp If you book the ticket, you will get it only on WhatsApp. QR ticket It will be available through which you can easily travel in metro. To book Metro tickets through WhatsApp, you have to follow the instructions given by Metro. Official no But you have to message.

This WhatsApp ticket booking facility is available in the morning. 6 pm to 9 pm are available up to If we talk about the airport line, the ticket booking facility for that line will be available in the morning. 4 pm to 11 pm Stay till midnight.

Whatsapp number for metro ticket booking

All metro cities where metro tickets can be booked through WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp We have given the numbers below. You can book metro tickets through WhatsApp through these official WhatsApp numbers.

Metro City Whatsapp number for ticket booking
Bengaluru +91 8105556677
Mumbai +91 9670008889
Delhi +91 9650855800
Hyderabad +91 8341146488
Chennai +91 8300086000
Pune +91 8105556677
Whatsapp number for metro ticket booking

How to book metro ticket through whatsapp

Below we have explained how you Metro Ticket via WhatsApp You can travel by making a booking in metro.

  • First you Official WhatsApp Number of Metro After saving, you will have to say “Hi”.
Through Book-Metro-Ticket-WhatsAppThrough Book-Metro-Ticket-WhatsApp
  • Then you have to select your language.
  • After selecting the language you Buy tickets. You will get the option, click on it.
  • Now fill in the name of that station. Where you can get your metro. Have to travel. Then fill in the name of that station. As far as you Have to travel.
  • After that pay your ticket and Metro QR Ticket Get it on WhatsApp only.

So this way you can easily use metro. Official Whatsapp Number Only through this you can book your metro ticket and complete your metro journey.

Note: You can use UPI and other online means to pay for ticket booking.

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