Bigg Boss 17 New Promo: Salman Khan on Khanzadi, Says Leave the Show, Will Khanzadi Get Out of the House?

Bigg Boss 17 New Promo: Bigg Boss 17 will witness a big explosion today. Today, Salman Khan’s mood is very high in Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman Khan looks angry at Khanzadi. The complete pandemonium will be seen in today’s upcoming episode.

Recently, a video of a promo (Bigg Boss 17 NEW PROMO) is going viral on social media. In this promo video, Salman Khan is seen angry with Khanzadi. Khanzadi directly says, I want to go home… Salman Khan directly says then go home now… Ankita is then seen calming Khanzadi.

Bigg Boss 17 New PromoBigg Boss 17 New Promo
Bigg Boss 17 New Promo

Actually, Khanzadi tells Jagana Bora that don’t make fun of my health. Hearing this, Salman Khan says, “Khanzadi, no one is making fun of your health here, here you are constantly talking about your health.” This time after listening to Salman Khan, Khanzadi cries and says, I want to go home….

After listening to Khanzadi, Salman Khan gets very angry and directly says, you have to go home… go home now.

In the promo of Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan looks angry with Khanzadi. Khanzadi said something that made Salman Khan very angry. He said to the princess, “You want to go home, don’t you?” So go home now.

The promo further shows Khanzadi crying loudly. Salman Khan did not like this behavior of Khanzadi at all.

In Bigg Boss 17 promo, Khanzadi is shouting loudly in front of Salman Khan. After that, Ankita Lokhande is seen taking care of the family. This has made Salman Khan even more angry.

This video between Salman Khan and Khanzadi has become a storm on social media. People are surprised to see this video. Some say that Khanzadi should be thrown out of the Bigg Boss house. While some people say that Salman Khan should not have been so angry with Khanzadi.

princess She is seen behaving like this in front of Salman Khan. Many people have started criticizing Khanzadi on this. Khanzadis seem to be constantly embroiled in one or the other controversy. Salman Khan was seen trolling Vicky Jain in Weekend Ka Vaar, not only that, he also made several serious allegations.

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