Bigg Boss 17 finalists: Ankita’s power, Manoor’s poetry, who will become the king of ‘Bigg Boss 17’?

Bigg Boss 17 Finalists: Bigg Boss 17 is heading towards its grand finale and now all eyes are on who will finally emerge as the winner on January 28! (Bigg Boss 17 Finalists) Five finalists are left – Ankita Lokhande, Manara Chopra, Munawar Farooqui, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mishetti. Everyone’s journey has been different, their ups and downs and struggles have kept the audience glued to the TV.

So now the question is who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 17? Let’s see what are the winning chances of Ankita, Manoor, Manara, Abhishek and Arun and how their journey has been in Bigg Boss 17.

Abhishek Kumar – Finalist of Bigg Boss 17

Initially people didn’t like Abhishek’s behavior, along with the burden of his old relationship with co-star Esha Malviya adding to his troubles. But things take a turn when Abhishek breaks down emotionally on the arrival of Samrath Juriel. Some fans saw glimpses of Gautam Gulati in him while others said that he reminded them of Siddharth Shukla.

Abhishek’s journey was very emotional, and what made the most headlines was the incident where Samarth was slapped and evicted from the show. But luckily he got a second chance and now he is in the top 5. Now it is to be seen if the fans can forgive some of his mistakes and make him a winner.

Arun Mehshetty – Finalist of Bigg Boss 17

Many people might think that Arun doesn’t deserve to be the finale of Bigg Boss 17, but everyone will surely agree that he has been the most powerful contestant of this season. With his quick responses and slightly slower game, Irwin has taken a safe route. He has adopted the same strategy as Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan. Despite not being very active, Arun has had a journey of his own. They have made important friendships, which will not stay only in the Bigg Boss house. But will they be able to lift the trophy?

Manoor Farooqui – Finalist of Bigg Boss 17

Munawar Farooqui looked determined to win as he entered the Bigg Boss 17 house. Everyone loved his poetry, his early style of playing and his friendship with Manara Chopra. But the Bigg Boss house is no longer a paradise for Manwar. His personal life became a topic of discussion on the show. When his rumored girlfriend Ayesha Khan barges into the house and accuses him of cheating, Manna’s game goes awry and in the chaos, she also loses her good friend Manara.

Later, his friendship with Ankita Lokhande also broke due to a disagreement over a work. Manoor recently revealed how Manara made him uncomfortable by trying to force a kiss. This has caused further uproar on the internet. Manwar, who have taken social media by storm throughout their journey, are now hoping to lift the trophy. Will he win?

Manara Chopra – Bigg Boss 17 Finalist

Manara Chopra has been the heroine in the entire season of Bigg Boss 17. Although she did not get along well with many people, her journey was an interesting one full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, she could not make many friends at home and her enmity with Ankita remained till the end, but she did not mind. Not having a ‘real’ friend didn’t seem to affect Manara much, although he was certainly saddened by the rift caused by Ayesha’s relationship with Manwar.

But, keeping her “I don’t care” attitude, Manara has made it to the finals of Bigg Boss 17. Despite the scandals and controversies, she is standing strong and will make her final exit from the show tomorrow. Will sister Priyanka Chopra’s support in Bigg Boss 17 finale definitely help Manara or not?

Ankita Lokhande – Bigg Boss 17 Finalist

When Ankita Lokhande entered the house with her husband Vicky Jain, her first television episode was a great one. At first everything was fine but later they started fighting over many issues. Ankita and Vicky started quarreling even on small matters. When it all escalated, her family had to intervene, and Ankita had to argue with her mother-in-law on national television.

Also, Ankita repeatedly talked about Sushant Singh Rajput due to which she faced questions. Munoor Farooqui also became Ankita’s friend and part of the ups and downs in the relationship. Despite this, Ankita’s popularity and her chances have increased and her chances of winning Bigg Boss 17 have increased.

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