Arfi Javed Mickey Dress: Arfi didn’t leave flies at home, used them for fashion!

Arfi Javed Mickey Dress: Popular TV actress Arfi is known for her unique fashion sense. She is often in the news because of her clothes. Recently, Arfi has worn such a dress (Arfi Javed Mickey Dress), due to which she has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

Nicknamed Javed She is always in the headlines for her outrageous outfits. So far she has created new fashion trends by using many items from her home. Many admire her for her creativity while some troll her.

Nickname: Javed Mickey Dress: Arfi Javed made such a dress out of bees

Nicknamed Javed A new look has gone viral on social media. Arfi has shared the video of his new look on social media. A bee is visible at the beginning of this video. After that, in the video, Arfi is seen in this look of white pants and jacket.

A lot of fake flies are seen on Arfi’s pants and jacket. This shape is very strange and unique. Sharing a video of her look, Arfi captioned it, “It’s good that I wasn’t in the serial in-laws Summer, because if I was there, Summer would have been a bee victim. Net users have showered likes and comments on this video of Arfi.

Nickname Javed Mickey Rabas: Some praised the nickname and some trolled it.

Nicknamed Javed Mickey DressNicknamed Javed Mickey Dress
Nicknamed Javed Mickey Dress

Nicknamed Javed Many people are praising this new look. While some netizens have trolled Arfi by commenting on his video. One netizen commented, “Bees will fear the nickname now.” Another netizen said, Who knows how my day will go after seeing Arfi in such an avatar.

Arfi Javed sometimes makes a dress out of pizza and sometimes out of cigarette butts.

Nicknamed Javed Mickey DressNicknamed Javed Mickey Dress
Nicknamed Javed

Nicknamed Javed In the past too, he has shared pictures on social media wearing clothes made of plastic, wire, pizza and glass. Arfi is always in the headlines because of her quirky and unique style.

Nickname Javed has acted in several popular TV serials, such as Durga, Saat Pheru Ki Hera Pheri, Bepanah, Jiji Maa, Dayan, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehna Hai, Punch Beat Season 2 and Kisuti Zindagi Ki. He gained popularity from the first season of Bigg Boss OTT. He participated in MTV Splitsvilla as a guest. Arfi works in acting, modeling and advertising. But currently she is in news for her exotic style.

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