America’s largest Hindu temple ready!

Largest Hindu Temple Outside India: You must have seen many Hindu temples in our country India, and Hindu temples have been built in other countries besides India. But do you know which is the largest Hindu temple outside India?

If you don’t know about it, in this article we will tell you. Largest Hindu temple outside India We are going to provide information about Hindus outside India. Which is the biggest temple and where is it?

You will be very proud to know that India’s largest temple is in the most modern country of the world, America which has been completed recently and you can see this temple today. United States We are going to read details about the largest Hindu temple.

Largest Hindu temple outside IndiaLargest Hindu temple outside India
Largest Hindu temple outside India

Largest Hindu Temple Outside India Completed in New Jersey!

The largest Hindu temple in the city of New Jersey, USA, will be completed in the year 2023. Let us tell you the name of this temple in New Jersey BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple Yes, the construction of this temple was started in the year 2011 and is now complete. In 12 years The temple will be ready in 2023.

The largest Hindu temple in the form of Akshardham in New Jersey is approx. in 126 acres are spread out. The construction of this temple took approx 12,500 people were engaged. who came from all corners of the world. At this time many people visit this temple daily.

Designed according to Indian culture.

BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is designed according to ancient Hindu scriptures, and inside the temple 10,000 statues Or idols have been installed. As soon as we go to this temple, we are shown the scene of Hindu culture.

Let us also tell you that the famous Akshardham temple in New Delhi is known as Public in 2005 It was opened for approx. 100 acres area Akshardham temple is spread over about 126 acres.

So this temple was opened.

BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple of the organization Swami Akshrutsaldas Ji has said that “Our spiritual leader (Paramukh Swami Maharaj) had a vision that there should be a place in the Western Hemisphere that was for all the people of the world, not just Hindus, not just Indians.” Not only For certain groups of people; It should be for the whole world. Where people can come and learn some values, universal values ​​rooted in the Hindu tradition.

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