All eyes on the Tata Punch EV launch date, consumers are surprised by the price.

Tata Punch EV Launch Date:- Tata Punch EV car is manufactured by Tata company, Tata customers are quite worried about its launch date. According to the latest reports currently circulating, the Tata Punch EV is going to be launched in early 2024. The car is said to be launched in the Indian market in the early months of 2024. This is not certain at this time and may change.

Tata Panch EV Price in India

After the launch of Tata Panch EV, it is being said that Panch EV will be priced at Rs. 9.50 lakhs for Rs From Rs Rs. 12.50 lakhs Rs Tata Punch EV can be priced within both these price ranges. Users of Tata company vehicles must be thinking of launching this vehicle at the lowest price in India, so that everyone has a chance to buy it.

Tata Punch EV photo

People in India are eager to buy the Tata Punch EV, as the car with so many features is going to come at a very low price in India, people believe that if it is made by another company, it can be priced much higher. was, but Tata is selling it. Made it with our users in mind so everyone can enjoy it. Read more about it below,

Tata Punch EV Safety Features

Tata company has taken care of all the features while creating this car like R16 diamond cut alloy wheels, stylish roof rails, 90 degree opening doors, signature humanity line, door wraps, wheel arches and sill covers. With three arrows design. Spacious interior and flat rear floor, and body-colored undercarriage.

Tata Punch EV Ring

Tata Punch EV

Tata will launch this cool car in 8 main colors. Its main colors are blue, red, bronze, orange, tropical mist, grey, white and green. Tata Punch EV in all these colors It looks very beautiful, which is why its users are worried about its launch date.

List of Tata Punch EV Features

Now let’s talk about the important features of Tata Punch EV that many people might not know about, which are related to this car, like the projector headlamps and LED DRLs in this car. , features bold LED tail lamps, R16. Diamond cut alloy wheels, stylish roof rails,

This Tata Punch EV has 90 degree opening doors. In addition to the aisle, the signature Humanity line is present on the door sills, wheel arches and sills. Apart from this, it has an attractive dashboard which is considered to be a very nice feature and you also get premium upholstery with tri-arrow design in this car.

Type of fuel electric (battery)
Transfer automatic
Mild hybrid Not available in Punch EV.
Valves per cylinder Not available in Punch EV.
electricity 12.00 lakhs
Battery power 24kWh
Time to charge 100% (less than 1 hour)
Variables Multiple variables
Number of motors 1
Range (claimed) 310 km

Tata Punch EV engine

If we talk about the Tata Punch EV engine, it is designed on the capacity of 26kWh battery pack, which is said to run up to 310 km. It can give a mileage of 11.50kmpu. . The judges may be right for this car. This means that this car will consume 1 unit or 1kWh of battery or electricity. Due to this, you can cover a distance of 11.50 km with this car.

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