A woman who came to India disguised as a tourist took over a business of 70 thousand crores

Simone Naval Tata is a Swiss-born Indian businesswoman, an influential figure in the Tata family. He was born in 1930 in Geneva, Switzerland. There he completed his graduation from the University of Geneva. She visited India in 1953 and it became a turning point in her life. During this visit to India, she met Naval Tataji, whom she later married in 1955. After that she shifted permanently to India. Simone and Naval Tata gave birth to Noel Tata and she served as the stepmother of Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata.

Joined the Lekme brand.

Simone Tata’s foray into business began when she joined the Lakme board in 1962. At that time Lakme was a minor subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills. His promotion within the company was very rapid. In 1961, she became the managing director of Lakme and assumed the role of chairperson in 1982. Under his leadership, Simon Tata was instrumental in making Lakme a leading cosmetics brand.

His performance at Trent Limited

In addition to his contribution to Lakme, Simon Tata served as Non-Executive Chairman of Trent Limited till 30 October 2006. He made this period an important chapter in his career by demonstrating his business acumen. He understood the intricacies of the business and made Trent a big brand.

Simon Tata’s influence extended beyond Lakme and Trent Limited. In 1989, he earned a prestigious position on the board of Tata Industries based on his strategic thinking and leadership.

Lakmi Brand Seeds

Recognizing the potential in the retail sector, Simon Tata took a big step in 1996. Recognizing the growth opportunity, it sold the Lakme brand to Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) with full planning. He used the proceeds from this sale to build Trent into a major brand. and made Trent Limited a major player in the Indian retail market. This business deal with Lakme also benefited the shareholders. He acquired his partnership in Trent Limited.

Other brands originated within Trent Limited.

Trent Limited has a market capitalization of $7.68 billion as of today. Trent Limited became the cornerstone of Simon Tata’s legacy. Trent Limited has many brands like Landmark which is a popular bookstore, Westside which is a fashion brand. And roots Lo Naam Tu Sanahi, is also a Tata brand known as an affordable fashion brand. Other brands like Mesbo, Star Bazaar are also brands of Trent. Simon Tata served as Non-Executive Chairman of Trent Limited till 30 October 2006 and retired from the business world.

Simon Tata’s legacy continues

Simon Tata’s legacy lives on through his son Noel Tata, who has held key leadership roles in the Tata Group. Serving as chairman of both Tata Investment Corporation and Trent Limited, Noel brings the experience and business acumen he inherited from his mother to lead the Tata empire.


Simone Tata’s journey from Switzerland to India, her role in the success of the Lakme brand and her subsequent wins with Tata Industries and Trent Limited show her as a formidable businesswoman. The Tata brand has deep roots in India’s corporate history. And Simon Tata’s contribution as the head of such a large group is commendable. And it is an inspiration to all of us no matter where you were born. You can write your own success story in any field with your hard work and dedication.

Who is Simon Tata?

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