99.2% Mobiles Made in India: The Indian mobile sector is making waves across the globe.

99.2% of Mobiles Made in India: India is becoming the hub of electronic manufacturing across the world. In such a situation, from Apple to Microsoft and all the major mobile companies of the world are setting up their manufacturing in India. In such a situation, India has become the largest mobile manufacturing country in the world. Which includes many companies like iPhone, Xiaomi.

The Union Minister is reviewing the development of the mobile phone industry. Ashwini Vishnu Have shared some data on X. The mobile industry has registered tremendous growth in the last 9 years.

99.2% of mobiles used in the world are made in India.

Union Minister Ashwini Vishnu told reporters at Tata’s iPhone plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

“99.2 percent of mobile phones used in India are made in India.”

India has set an ambitious target of producing $300 billion in electronics products by 2025-26. own Production Linked Incentives (PLI) Schemes is giving generous incentives through To attract equipment manufacturers looking to diversify their manufacturing capabilities beyond China.

Google Pixel will be made in India.

Google recently announced that it plans to manufacture its Pixel smartphones in India, giving a major boost to the country’s ambitions to become a global manufacturing hub. It plans to begin local manufacturing with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, with the first devices launching in 2024. The company will work with domestic and international manufacturers to manufacture these smartphones.

The growth of the electronics manufacturing industry in India is attributed to factors such as domestic demand, increasing digital literacy and proactive government support. ‘Make in India’ The move has seen a significant increase in local value addition, with over 98 per cent of shipments in the overall market to be ‘Make in India’ by 2022, up from 19 per cent in 2014.

In this meeting with industry experts, the Union Minister discussed the challenges ahead and how growth can be further enhanced. Ashwini Vishnu also praised the mobile industry’s commitment towards the ‘Make in India’ initiative and talked about making India a top mobile manufacturer in the future.

After Apple, Microsoft is launching a Made in India laptop.

Realms GT 5 Pro Price in India This flagship phone will become the first choice of gamers.

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