5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies: 5 Pankaj Tripathi Movies That Touched Audience Hearts

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies: Big stars in Bollywood are always in the headlines, but it is not easy to make a name for yourself in this industry. There is one face that shines with his hard work and dedication, that is Pankaj Tripathi. He has traveled from a small village to the big screen. In this article, we will discuss some of his best films.

Today we will discuss the best movies of Pankaj Tripathi.5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies) showing the list. Pankaj Tripathi is a popular Bollywood actor.

If you are a fan of Pankaj Tripathi then you must watch these five Pankaj Tripathi movies.5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies) Must watch. His best acting will be seen in these films.

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Movie Title Platform type
Karak Singh [G5] ZEE5 Thriller
Criminal justice Disney + Hotstar Legal drama
OMG 2 Netflix Social commentary
Mummy Netflix Comedy drama
Fukrey 3 Amazon Prime Video Comedy
5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

1. Karak Singh [ जी5 ]

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Pankaj Tripathi has played a different role in ‘Karak Singh’. A new and different style of him is seen in this film. A suspense starts right from the beginning of the movie and after every moment something happens to keep you engaged. Many times you think that nothing will happen, but something else happens and in the end all the suspense is revealed.

“Karak Singh” is a thriller movie released on ZEE5. Pankaj Tripathi has once again given a brilliant performance. He is seen in a different style in this film. In fact, he had never played such a role before.

2. ‘Criminal Justice’ [डिज़्नी + हॉटस्टार]

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Criminal Justice is another great web series. In it, Pankaj Tripathi plays the role of a lawyer who is very honest and kind. He fights for justice, but faces many difficulties along the way. Tripathi has played this character in his own unique style and has exposed the audience to his true and real life. In the end the lawyer succeeds in proving the driver innocent.

3. ‘OMG 2’ [नेटफ्लिक्स़]

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Pankaj Tripathi has done a great job in the movie ‘OMG 2’. The film talks about the need for change in the society. Pankaj Tripathi’s role in the film has made the audience think.

4. ‘mm’ [ नेटफ्लिक्स़ ]

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Mummy is a comedy drama film that will touch you deeply. This is the story of a girl who takes a difficult decision to fulfill her dreams.

Mimi (Kriti Sanon), a girl from a small village in Rajasthan dreams of becoming a Bollywood actress. But he needs money to fulfill his dreams. So she decides to move to Mumbai and become a surrogate mother to a foreign couple to try her luck in the film industry.

Driver Bhanu Pratap Pandey (Panakaj Tripathi) convinces Mimi for the job. Bhanu becomes Mimi’s friend and helps her in every way during this difficult time.

But, when the foreign couple changed their minds and refused to accept the child, Mimi had to make a difficult decision.

Pankaj Tripathi’s acting in the film is excellent. He is playing the role of Bhanu, a friend who supports his friend in every difficulty.

5. ‘Fukrey 3’ [अमेज़न प्राइम वीडियो]

5 Must Watch Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Pulkit Samrat’s film ‘Fikre 3’ has earned 127 crores at the box office. The movie has been loved by the fans. The film stars Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Pankaj Tripathi and Richa Chadha in lead roles.

Varun Sharma has played the role of Chocha in the film. Pulkit Samrat has also acted well in the role of Honey. Pankaj Tripathi has given his best performance in the role of Panditji. Richa Chadha has also acted well in the role of Bholi Punjaban.

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