5 Chat GPT Scams:- 5 Chat GPT Scams You Should Avoid!

Everywhere these days Chat GPT Dominates. Chat GPT. This Open AI It is an artificial intelligence tool developed by the company. Any technology has advantages as well as disadvantages. Chat GPT Many people also misuse the tool Scams are done on the Internet. In today’s post we 5 Chat GPT Scams We’re going to learn about it so you can protect yourself online.

Cheat GPT Scheme 1) Phishing Scheme

Phishing Saying this word Fishing Sounds exactly like the word. As Fishing While doing this, you put the hook in the water to catch the fish. Similarly, online scammers send links or messages to trick you. When you click on these unknown links or messages, your Sensitive information such as login credentials and passwords Go to cheaters.

Cheater Chat GPT Using messages like these makes them seem perfectly valid but with them Malicious links send. If you receive a message or email that you do not know about, check whether it is authentic or not before clicking on it.

SMS fuzzing schemeSMS fuzzing scheme

Chat GPT Scam 2) Fake Customer Support

This fraud occurs especially during online shopping. Scammers pretend it is. A customer support executive Yes, you found their words absolutely true, that’s why Chat GPT Like using smart tools. They will ask you for sensitive information regarding technical issues, account issues and refunds.

Often, be it a bank or a large e-commerce company, they don’t ask for all the information via message. They always use official channels like official email. Still, to protect yourself, ask the executive what his ID is, if he doesn’t, stay away from the chat.

Chat Gpt Agent ScamChat Gpt Agent Scam

ChatGPT Scam3) Misleading investment advice

Chat GPT is a smart tool that scammers can use to craft messages so enticing that you will be compelled to read and take investment advice. Fraudsters create free Telegram, WhatsApp channels and send investment advice messages using ChatGPT. Sometimes buy this stock, sometimes sell that stock, 20% profit in a day and different types of messages.

Just think, you need knowledge of finance to invest money, if someone is giving you everything for free then he has ulterior motive behind it. Consult your advisor before seeking any investment advice. And not everyone has advisors, so research this free advice yourself. Be safe and protect your hard earned money.

Chat GPT Scheme 4) Tech Support Scheme

Scammers use ChatGPT to initiate technical support conversations. They will tell you if there is a problem with your phone or laptop or if there is any malware. (malware ie a type of virus) Scammers, in the name of helping you, will ask you to download bad software or apps. After that, the control of your phone and laptop will go to them.

When a company contacts you regarding technical support, it will do so via official email or message. When you receive a message from an unknown number or email, check the email id carefully and check the mobile number on the company’s website. You also have to be careful to avoid smart tools like ChatGPT and especially the scammers who use it. Verify 2-3 times before sharing any sensitive information and avoid such scams.

Chat GPT Scheme 5) Online Shopping Scheme

Fraudsters use ChatGPT to create fake product websites, fake customer reviews and pretend to be customer support executives. While shopping online, always keep in mind that the online seller is authentic, read the reviews carefully, sometimes it happens that the same word like excellent, quality etc. is used repeatedly in the reviews. . Stuck on taxes?

And because of this they end up buying bad and low quality products by shopping online. Fake online shopping sites often have no refund and return policies. So, always shop from reputable companies’ sites. And never rush when paying. Do not give them your debit card and credit card details.

New technologies like ChatGPT will keep coming and with them new scams. If you want to avoid them all, you have to be knowledgeable. By educating yourself about all these scams, you can avoid them whether they are online shopping scams or fake investment advice scams. Be alert and informed

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