2024 Kawasaki W175 Launch – Kawasaki is giving away freebies on New Year’s

2024 Kawasaki W175 Launch:- Kawasaki w175 road entry, there has been a lot of discussion about this bike in the market. We tell you that the Kawasaki W175 Street will be introduced in India in 2024, but the launch is likely in early or late 2024. Customers are eagerly waiting to buy this bike, today we will give you complete information about Kawasaki W175 Street including price, features, mileage and best speed. So stay till the end of the article, Kawasaki is giving, New Year with ease online Opportunity to book a bike.

Kawasaki W175 Street Price in India

Kawasaki W175 Street launched in India at Rs 135 lakh.webp

We inform you that the price of Kawasaki w175 Street (ex-showroom) in India can be Rs 1.35 lakh. And when we talk about the price of the Kawasaki w175 Street Road, you’d think you could get a lot for its price.

Kawasaki w175 street features and specifications

Kawasaki has launched its new motorcycle W175 Street in India. It is a classic styled motorcycle, with some modern features added as well. And this feature is being well liked by the customers, there is a stir in the Indian market regarding these features, we tell you that Kawasaki has worked on a best selling bike once, let’s take a look at this. Know in detail about the bike: As-

1702220784 232 Kawasaki W175 Street launched in India at Rs 135 lakh.webp

The safe solution is to brake. The metallic moonbeam is white and ebony, improving visibility, performance and mileage. 177cc, 12.7 hp power and 13.2 Nm torque for a smooth ride, excellent braking power, RSU telescopic front forks and twin shock absorption rear suspension: odometer with digital gear indicator for a comfortable drive.

Kawasaki w175 street mileage

The Kawasaki W175 Street is known for its classic styling and great mileage. The bike comes with a 177cc engine, which is designed to improve performance and mileage. Kawasaki w175 street mileage is 45 kmpl in city and 50 kmpl on highway. It is said to be very accurate mileage in airports and urban areas, which will save customers a lot of money.

Kawasaki W175 Top Speed

The top speed of Kawasaki W175 is around 120 kmph, which is very popular in the market. Kawasaki’s strong engine and old company belies this speed.

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