Why You Should Buy Elego Electric Scooter in 2022

Like most people, are you looking to buy an Elego electric scooter in 2022 due to the increase in fuel price or any other reason.

Many people don't know much about Elego electric scooters, so they are looking for a buying guide which provides a good and honest review.

In this article, we will share all our knowledge and research about the scooter and what are the things you should keep in mind while making your mind to purchase a  newly advanced electric scooter.

So let me explain to you first what is the meaning of Elego and how it all started.

Elego Electric Scooter

Elego electric scooter has been operational since 17 December 2018 and its headquarter is situated in Pune, Maharashtra.

 It is started by Gorakh Vidur Bhapkar and Gorakh Vidur Bhapkar and later on Sachin Pralhad pawar has joined hands to lead the company to the highs.

Elego gives a premium look to its electric scooter which is manufactured and designed in India. If you're thinking to buy a affordable and a comfortable electric scooter then this premium design vehicle is best for you.

I know now you are thinking why you should go with Elego not with other competition in the market. Well I will give you some of the major reasons why you should opt for this vehicle if you're living in Maharashtra region.

How Do I Trust Elego?

Elego was established 4 years ago and knows how to survive in the market. The company is registered at Gat No - 69, Amoni Mala, Nangaon,Tal-Daund, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra. The CIN (The Full Form of CIN is Corporate Identification Number) of elego is U50401PN2018PTC180803.

You can easily found complete registered information about the company at https://www.tofler.in/

Elego Electric Scooter Features

Now that you have decided to purchase an Elego electric scooter, there are a few features that you need to look at.

Every electric scooter in the market is different in terms of features and technologies. Some of the known features you will get with this scooter:

Multiple Colours

It comes with multiple colour options which means you can choose your favourite colour scooter.

The available colours are electric blue, pearl white, crimson red, steel grey.

As per our opinion crimson red looks more stylish and eye-catching, but it is all up to you what colour you want to choose for your scooter.

Stylish Design

Just like multiple colour options, it also has a stylish and advanced aerodynamic design. The engineer has designed this scooter in a perfect manner that will enhance your personality and look more attractive.

Comfortable seating

When it comes to the ride experience, design and colour are the secondary doms. Many of the competitors give you normal seats but here you will get a comfortable sitting experience for your long rides.

Advanced Technology

The company is using a new generation of advanced technology in the electric scooter that provides better batteries and higher range of distance within a single charge. It also uses eco-friendly technology that saves nature and helps to develop a green environment.

Elego Electric Scooter Specifications

In terms of specification, elego electric scooter comes with dual battery options lead acid battery and lithium battery. 

Specifications of  the scooters that makes it different from its competitors are:


It comes with a dimension of 1800 mm X 700 mm X 1110 mm. Where the height of the scooter is 1800mm, width is 700mm and height is 1110mm.


The wheelbase of the scooter is 1320mm.

Cushion Height

The height of the seats from the ground is 760mm. So, even a person of height 5ft can easily drive it.

Rated Voltage

It has a maximum of 60v of rated voltage.

Curb Weight

The weight of the scooter without batteries are 60kg. 

Maximum Loading

It can hold a maximum of 150kg of weight including batteries. So, you can easily use it to import and export your products.


You will get two options for battery i.e; lead acid battery or lithium battery. Lead acid battery comes with a warranty for one year while lithium battery comes with 2 years of warranty. 


In terms of motor the scooter has 250w that produces a peak output and gives maximum torque.

F/R Tyre

The dimension  of F/R tyre are 3.0-10


You will get a disc brake in front and drum brake in rear.

Maximum Speed

As per the company, the scooter will reach a maximum speed of 25 kms. As an electric scooter achieving 25 Kms is a good speed. Don’t compare it with a normal fuel scooter.


The best thing is you will get a LED headlight option in the scooter. LED headlights are more reliable for day to day life. 


There are two options available for the charger whether you can go with 60v 6Ah or 60v 3Ah. The 6Ah charger will cost you more in comparison to 3Ah but it takes less time to charge your vehicle. 

Climbing Angle

You will get a 20 degree climbing angle which is more powerful for uphills and off-roading. It can easily climb uphill without effort with its 20 degree climbing angle.

Dimension1800 mm X 700 mm X 1110 mm
Wheelbase1320 mm
Cushion Height760 mm
Rated Voltage60v
Curb Weight60 kg. (Without battery)
Maximum Loading150 kg.
Battery60v 30Ah
F/R Tyre3.0-10
BrakingFront Disc Rear Drum
Maximum Speed25 Kms.
Charger60v 6Ah/ 60v 3Ah
Climbing Angle20°

Easy Way to Book Elego Electric Scooter Online

You can book an elego electric scooter through elego's official website. Where you can get complete details about the model of the scooter and its features. 

The company has already received thousands of pre bookings within a few days. Follow below steps to book your first electric scooter online.

  1. Open your browser and type Elego electric scooter.
  2. Click on the official website or type http://elegomotors.com/
  3. Read complete information about the vehicle.
  4. At the bottom you will see a green colour  banner “BOOK THE NEW-GENERATION ELECTRIC SCOOTER CLICK HERE!”, click on the ONLINE BOOKING button.
  5. A pop-up will appear.
  6. Now you have to enter your name, email, mobile number, address, expected date, and choose your favourite colour and then click on submit.

Elego electric scooter dealers 

Currently, elego are operational in only a few parts of the country but that doesn't mean you are not able to purchase outside this location. 

If you are looking to purchase a scooter outside the location mentioned below, you have to visit the store with proper documents. 

List of active dealers near you are:

  • Phaltan,Satara
  • Kolhapur
  • Pandhrpur
  • Ponda Goa
  • Kalamb,Osmanabad
  • Sangli
  • Jaipur,Rajasthan
  • Vaijapur,Aurangabad
  • Baramati
  • Nhavhra,Shirur
  • Choufula,Daund
  • Vasind(W),Thane
  • Kalyan West,Thane
  • Nira, Baramati
  • Urulikanchan,Pune
  • Arag,Sangali
  • Kharghar ,Navi Mumbai
  • Chakan,Khed
  • Alephata,Junner
  • Kopargaon,Ahmednagar
  • Sangola,Solapur
  • Palghar,Mumbai
  • Latur City
  • Karmala,Solapur
  • Kaij,Beed
  • Kauthe Mahakal,Sangali
  • Uran,Mumbai
  • Indapur
  • Dahiwadi,Satara
  • Manchar,Pune
  • Vighnaharata E Motors
  • Shirawal,Satara
  • Karvir,Kolhapur

How to Become Elego Motors Dealer

When you click on online booking there is another banner like “INTERESTED TO BECOME A DEALER? CLICK HERE!”. Click on the BECOME A DEALER button and just like online booking, you have to enter some information and click on submit button.

Then you will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number and email address. After a validation you will get a revert back from the company. 

Elego Customer Care Number

The most useful and effective way to reach Elego Customer Care is through its contact number.  Most of the company has its customer support team that allows their users to get in touch with them.

The three ways through which you can contact the company are address, mobile number, email address.

Elego Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Near Sadhna Sahkari Bank, Kedgaon Choufula (Pune-Solapur Highway), Tal. Daund, Dist. Pune - 412 203 Maharashtra

M: +91 82650 91207

E: info@elegomotors.com

W: www.elegomotors.com


Hope now you will get your answer Why You Should Buy an Elego Electric Scooter in 2022. We have shared all your experience and research guide with you. If there is any doubt or you want some other information comment below. We will glad to help you. If you found this post useful do share it with your friends on social media.