If you are planning to buy the best electric scooters in 2023, then I am the best person for you. Do you know there are 70+ companies in India who are selling electric scooters in 2022. But we know one thing for sure: electric products are the future of India.

Top 5 Best electric scooters in India 2022 | Specification | Features | Price

Recently I have purchased an Ola electric scooter after a complete research of 2 months. I was very disappointed with the search result. There is no such information available on the internet where we can compare all the scooters or find a list of all EV available in India in 2022.

So, in this post you will find a complete list of best electric scooters in 2022 along with its specification, price, features, available colors, upcoming models and best selling models.

Electric scooter

In 2022 we all know the importance of electric scooters in our daily lifestyle. Scooters are becoming more fashionable and popular among the youth.

What causes the popularity among the people? Well, in past years the price of fuel has touched the sky and people are looking for alternate ways of transport.

If we examine the fuel over electric vehicles, no doubt, electric vehicles have more advantages in all areas of performance, low maintenance, high efficiency, light weight, easy to drive, and low operating cost.

Quick Tips

Spend your hard earned money on a perfect scooter using this complete guide. Things to be considered while purchasing best electric scooters in 2022. Mainly scooters are categorized by its comfort, speed, battery, body, and yeah price too.


When it comes to comfort the seating portion of the scooter should be comfortable. The design of the seat should be in a patented port so it reduces the pressure by 70% and distributes your overall body mass in a proper manner so that you will feel comfortable while riding.

The material used should contain EVa foam that will give you long durability and never goes flat even after a long use. The seats of the vehicle should be made in a way that it can handle all the weather conditions.


Whenever you are purchasing a new vehicle you must completely inspect the body and check it’s condition physically. Ask the dealer about the material used and how reliable it is.

Mainly the body of the scooter is made up of two types of the material that is fiber which is also known as hard plastic and another is metal.

We always recommend our viewer to purchase a scooter that has more stability, rigidity and can survive any weather condition. It is only possible with the metal body frame.

Using a metal frame, the weight of the body automatically increases so what the companies are doing right now is they are using Fiber as well as metal in their product.

You have to check the main body of the scooter should be in the metal frame and the rest of the part can be in fiber. It is best if the overall look of the scooter is available in the metal frame.


We are not used to electric vehicles as it is a new concept and people are not aware that much. If we talk about the battery in an electric scooter, it is a fuel for your scooter.

When you choose a new electric scooter then you must check the battery capacity and how much it can cover in a single charge. The best battery is which takes less time in charging and delivers a maximum range in a single charge.

On an average the battery should be charged in less than 3 hours and must have a capacity to travel at least 100 kilometer in a single charge.

Charge Time

As we discussed in the battery section, the charging time of an electric scooter should be very minimum so that the person can charge its vehicle in less time.


We do a lot of research to find the best electric scooters in India but forget about how much distance it can cover. We mainly buy a scooter to travel a distance. Always choose a vehicle that covers maximum distance in a single charge.

High Speed

Speed is always a priority for a person. The more powerful the motor the more speed you will get. To perform well, you must look for its motor specification.


This is the most interesting part when you select your vehicle. We don’t have as much to discuss in this section as the price can vary person to person.

Ola Electric Scooter

We kept Ola Electric Scooter at the first position as I have also purchased this beautiful machine. If you are looking for a vehicle that has extreme power with a beautiful combination then i strongly recommend you to buy an Ola electric scooter.

Ola electric scooter is currently available in two variants Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro. Ola S1 is the basic variant which is available in 5 different colour options. Whereas S1 pro is available in 10 different colour options.

You don’t have to worry about any colour. Infact if you don’t like any of the colour options available by the company then there is an option where a customer can choose their favourite colour and the company will customise it as per their customer choice.

In terms of specification, you will get an output of 8.5kW and a maximum torque of 58Nm. Ola S1 can achieve a high speed of 90kmph and cover a maximum distance of 121km in a single charge.

In the same way, S1 pro can achieve a high speed of 115kmph and cover a distance of 180+km in a single charge.
  • Distance 121 Km
  • High Speed 90 Kmph
  • Weight 121 kg
  • Charging time 5 Hrs
  • Motor power 5500 W
  • Height 792 mm

Hero Electric Scooter

Hero company doesn’t need any introduction. I think there are only a few people that don’t know about the company. Hero formerly known as hero honda is one of the leading companies in India.

Hero company is the largest two wheeler manufacturer over the globe. The company has recently launched its Hero electric scooter models.

You will get three different variant options namely City Speed (HX), Comfort Speed (LX) and E-cycle. City Speed (Hx) variant can reach a high speed of 45kmph and cover a maximum distance of 108km in a single charge.

If you compare Hero electric scooter with Ola electric scooter then no doubt, the specification is not that attractive but if you look for the price option there is a huge difference.

The starting price of the City Speed (Hx) variant is 74240₹ in Delhi/Ncr. The price may slightly vary as per your location.

  • Distance 108Km
  • High Speed 45 Kmph
  • Weight Less than 100kg
  • Charging time 5 Hrs
  • Motor power 1800 W
  • Tyre 10 inch

Tvs Electric Scooter

Tvs Electric Scooter is well known for its mileage and no one can beat Tvs in the market. If you want to buy a scooter which gives a bulky and aggressive look then Tvs Electric Scooter iQube is for you.

iQube is full of features, it feels more premium with an LCD display. You will also get a smart connect feature where you can operate your Tvs Electric Scooter from your mobile phone.

Tvs Electric Scooter iQube is available in different colour options. The on-road price in Delhi/ Ncr is 1 lakh. The booking will be open from January 2022 and you can fill up the registration form.

  • Distance 75Km
  • High Speed 78 Kmph
  • Weight 118kg
  • Charging time 5 Hrs
  • Motor power 4.4kW
  • Acceleration 0-40 in 4.2s

Simple One Electric Scooter

Simple energy one company was launched in 2019 and its main motto is building next generation electric vehicles with the latest technology and affordable price. Simple one specializes in EV machines, scooter, cars, battery and many more.

Recently, a simple one electric scooter has been launched in India. It comes with a 4.8kWh battery and covers a distance of 236km in a single charge. The Top speed of a simple one electric scooter is 105kmph and it can reach 0-40kmph in 2.95seconds.

It is available in 4 different colour options Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, Grace White.

On the occasion of Republic day, the company is offering a pre-booking option. Where you can pre book Simple one EV at 1947₹, which is fully refundable. For more details you can call on 8929045085 or visit the official website.

  • Distance 236Km
  • High Speed 105 Kmph
  • Weight 110kg
  • Charging time 5 Hrs
  • Motor power 4.5kW
  • Acceleration 0-40 in 2.95s

Honda Electric Scooter

Honda is the only company in India to achieve 1crore+ customer milestone in 2021. Honda is well known by the name Hero Honda. The company is planning to launch its top selling vehicle of all time in the first half of 2022 as Electric activa.

Honda Activa Electric is the first Honda electric scooter and will be available soon. As per the rumor's the estimated price will be 110000 ₹ and so such specification is revealed by the company.

If you are a Honda lover and looking to buy Honda Activa Electric then you can wait till June 2022.

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